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New Motor Carriers

The Department of Transportation has laid it on the line. All new truckers will have a safety audit in the first year and a half they are in business. They're not doing a random sampling, so you can play the odds. You WILL be audited! How you prepare for that audit, from the very first day you go into business, can make the difference between having an easy time of it or having the audit result in your truck(s) being taken off the road.

This Starter Kit on Basic Safety for Motor Carriers makes it easier for you to comprehend and prepare for the audit and adhere to the DOT regulations. Our workbook takes you through the process, step-by-step. It helps eliminate the confusion. As you read through the instructions, everything you need is right here before you. And, there's no waiting to get the forms. We've included forms, FMCSA Safety Regulations (management and driver editions), drug and alcohol educational material and a CD packed with valuable information. Don't struggle trying to figure just what DOT wants. It's all right here for you, complete with interpretation and advice.

The text in the kit was written by someone with firsthand experience in setting up safety programs and negotiating with federal agencies on behalf of carriers. It has input from a former government official who has over 30 years experience in transportation regulation. This combination of expertise cuts through the bureaucracy to present the information in language you can understand. The easy-to-understand workbook recognizes that this is all new to you. It shows you how to take things one-step at a time to be ready for your audit and avoid penalties or repercussions. It is just what is needed for those newly entering the trucking business or for those wanting to improve their safety compliance program.

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